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Community Causes

Driving Care Forward for Young Patients & Families Enduring Cancer
November 29, 2017

We are on a mission to raise $500 to provide gas cards to parents/caregivers with young patients (birth to age 30) enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants. Since 2010, Dragonfly, a Cincinnati-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, has helped more than 900 young patients and their families (more than 4,000 adults and kids) find strength, comfort, and joy. […]

September 29, 2017

  Our agency is raising funds and awareness to rescue discarded and abused animals in the Cincinnati area. Louie’s Legacy is unlike most shelters due to their passion to re-home their pets while following a no-kill policy. Through a process of screening, Louie’s Legacy is able to match abandoned animals with a foster or forever […]

NESTed in the Next Generation’s Future
July 31, 2017

  Our agency is raising funds to support at-risk students with nutritious snacks, tutoring services, and homework help to mostly third and fourth-grade students. NEST provides sound nutritious snacks, targeted education in a safe area to transform the outcome of low-income children in the Loveland area. NEST works with children, parents, and teachers to make […]

A Home Away From Home
May 31, 2017

  There is nothing scarier than learning your child needs medical assistance or has to undergo surgery. Families all over the United States visit Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to seek the best medical treatment for their critically ill children. Most of these parents are exhausted, scared and financially drained during their time at the […]

Let’s Help Provide Children with Autism with the Best Quality of Life
March 31, 2017

  The Autism Society launched a nationwide effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with ASD is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life nearly a quarter century ago. 1 in every 68 children in the United States suffers from Autism, the majority […]

Creating Stronger Bonds in Our Community
February 1, 2017

Founded in 1873, SPCA Cincinnati has a long history of service in the Cincinnati community. SPCA is an animal shelter and humane society that strives to strengthen the bond between humans and animals and provide a better home and care for foster animals. Through many years of experience, this amazing organization has found and works […]

Better Hands For Our Friends With Paws
November 29, 2016

They are our best and most loyal friends, the best listeners out there, and the most huggable of them all, our dogs. Unfortunately, our loyal friends out there are not always found in the safest and best homes; sometimes they are lost with no homes at all. LuvFurMutts has dedicated their efforts to bring a […]

A Light In The Dark For Kids Battling Cancer
October 3, 2016

The Dragonfly Foundation provides support to young patients, siblings/offspring and parents/caregivers – as well as direct support to social workers, Child Life representatives, and hospital staff that care for patients while they are in the hospital. The support comes in the form of Caring, Community and Awareness that results in better Emotional health (C.A.R.E.). Morgan […]

Dianne Michael Insurance Agency joins Agents Of Change Movement
January 4, 2016

Dianne Michael Insurance Agency is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive. We are committed to being Agents of Change. Every 60 days we will be identifying a child, family, or group that could use a hand. A great number of people are going through hardship, even as […]