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Let’s Help Provide Children with Autism with the Best Quality of Life


The Autism Society launched a nationwide effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with ASD is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life nearly a quarter century ago.

1 in every 68 children in the United States suffers from Autism, the majority of these being boys. Around one third of people with autism remain nonverbal and have an intellectual disability. There are many types of autism caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental influences, causing a wide variation in challenges and strengths possessed by each person with autism.

April is Autism Awareness Month and Dianne Michael Insurance is on a mission to raise awareness for people living with autism in the Cincinnati community! Let’s join efforts to provide them with the highest possible quality of life!

Our agency will donate $10 to Autism Awareness on your behalf for every recommendation you send our way, and we’ll add you to our monthly drawing for a $50 Gift Card.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE